Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Good Morning,

Just a couple of summer items...

Chichester Central School Summer Update

Plenty of new books have arrived for next year! And there are still more coming including all of this year's Ladybug Award and Great Stone Face Award nominees! If you would like a chance to see some of the new collection, or maybe check out an old favorite, the CCS library will be open on July 19, August 2 and August 16 from 6-7 pm. Grade 5-8 summer reading books will be available for check while they last. If you would like to keep track of summer happenings at the CCS library visit our website at  or follow us on Instagram @ccslibraryqueen. 

All students of Chichester Central are challenged to keep their math skills sharp this summer by participating in the summer IXL challenge.  All students have passwords and access to their account and are challenged to complete 10 hours of math skills practice at their 2015-16 grade level.  With school starting on August 31, that’s less than an hour a week.  Students who complete the challenge are awarded a small Frekey’s ice cream cone with their choice of topping.  Please contact the school at 798-5651 if students have trouble accessing their IXL account.  

IXL Summer Challenge Info-Please click here 

Enjoy your summer vacation