Monday, June 6, 2016


Good Morning,

 On Tuesday, June 7, there will be a meeting at Pembroke Academy for students who are interested in signing up for Fall Sports at PA. For any current 8th grader who would like to attend, there will be a bus transporting students from CCS to PA for the meeting.  Families will need to make their own arrangements for transportation back home.  If you child is attending, we need permission from parents allowing your child to ride the bus to PA.  Please send a note or call the main office of school at 798-5651.

Tuesday, June 7th will be Student Council Crazy Hair Day.  Students are asked to pay $1.00 to have "crazy hair" and support the Student Council.

CCS Field Day is June 8th for grades 1-8, with a rain date of June 10th.  Hot lunch for the day will be a BBQ.  Hamburgers, hot dogs, salads and watermelon.  Students need to come prepared with sneakers, shorts and grade color shirt if possible.  Please make sure sunscreen is applied at home.  
Grade 1-Yellow
Grade 2-Blue
Grade 3-Orange
Grade 4-Red
Grade 5-Green
Grade 6-Purple
Grade 7-White
Grade 8- Black

CCS Academic Awards will be held on Wednesday, June 8th @ 6:00 PM.

Have a great day