Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Good Morning,

PTO meets tomorrow @ 6:30.  All are invited to attend.

The first movie in our Star Wars: The Force Awakens Events is this Friday, Nov.
6 at the Chichester Town Library. Come join us for crafts and The Phantom
Menace. Use the link below to sign up.

Basketball Update
This week 11/2 - 11/6
Open gym times are the same as last few weeks.
5/6 Girls: Tuesday  5 - 7:30
7/8 Girls : Tuesday 6 -7:30
5/6 Boys: Monday and Wednesday 6 - 7:30
7/8 Boys: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 430 - 6
Next week 11/9
Normal practices and evaluations begin:
5/6 Girls (Coach Boutchia) Monday, Tuesday Thursday, Friday - 2:45 - 4 pm
5/6 Boys (Coach Pitman) Monday - Thursday - 4-5:30
7/8 Boys (Coach Bilodeau) Monday - Thursday - 5:30 - 7
7/8 Girls (Coach Bonacorsi) Monday - Thursday 7 - 8:30
Evaluations will be done and players will be notified which team they will participate on (either SVL or MBL) by next Friday 11/13.
5/6 Boys, 7/8 Boys, 7/8 Girls all will have 2 teams.  SVL participates in our interscholastic league.  Playing time is not equal.  MBL plays their games on Saturday.  It is an equal playing time league with the exception of the playoffs, where all players will play a minimum of 8 mins.
LeeAnn Valotto will coach the 5/6 boys MBL team.  They will practice Fridays 4-5:30 and at least 1 or 2 additional nights to be determined based upon participation.
Deb LaCross will coach 7/8 girls MBL team. Both MBL and SVL girls will practice together.
Gordon Bilodeau will coach the 7/8 boys MBL team.  Both teams will practice together.
Remind players that game days they are representing the school.  Appropriate dress is required,  boys wearing ties, and if they are in need of a tie, I will provide one for them. Girls should dress up.  No sweatpants, etc. please.
Also, I will need help once again coordinating a concession stand and running 2-year end tournaments.  Please contact me if you are willing to help out.  Concessions help tremendously with buying new equipment.
Student contracts and Release Forms will be sent later this week.  Please return them to my attention prior to 11/11.
Thanks once again. Glad to be back and looking forward to another great season.

Have a great day