Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Good Morning,

Blue Cup Stacking this Friday.

Next week is Spirit Week. 
 On Tuesday....get groovy and wear your Favorite 70's outfit!!
 Wednesday...Dress up as your favorite Superhero.
Thursday...Sport Team Day...Pitch your Sport Team by wearing their emblems.
Friday...Wearing the Blues...Wear your Blue Ribbon Shirt and any matching accessories.
Win a raffle ticket for each day you participate.

7th grade class Nature's Vision fundraiser started today and goes through May 4th.  People can also order on line at   Click on Shop Now icon and enter Code: 9255
Profits will go to environmental school class trip.

The 8th grade class is in need of another male parent chaperone for the environmental school class trip. Dates are May18-21. Great accommodations and all meals included. A place to work with wifi too! Right on the beach. Email Anne if you are interested:

Have a great day